Friday, December 18, 2009

Show me your water-hole...

I take no day for granted. None of us know what is going to happen to us later today or tomorrow. We live in perpetual state of suspense, we live in denial of that but its true. So I live my life the only way I know how - simple, messy at times but never too complicated. Cant do it any other way cos i cant see myself if i do that. I care abt ppl but more than that i care about how i feel about things. If ppl dont like it - too bad for me. But thats OK, that's what life is all about. Not everyone of us share the same space. Good or bad, I'm still the same person, like I have been since forever. To me, life is like a game, if i want to win i gotta play. Even if I dont win in the end, thats ok too - there's always victory in losing cos the real challenge is the game, not the scoreline. Its the journey not the destination. Happiness is a choice, we can choose to be happy and this is what I'm doing. If the ball takes funny bounces, let it be.

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