Friday, December 18, 2009

Abstraction of Life???

clueless: At times, i do feel lousy. Yup..miserable, rotten, awful - tht kind of lousy. I felt like I have reached the point where I just dont care anymore. Owh no! its not due to frustration or something, but nothing fazes me anymore. (..err not exactly 'nothin' actually - my brain cells still popping every now and then whenever I err..ummph..). The point is, there are just so many good things around me - frens, places to hang out ( yea! I have a few now in Mcca), weekend MU matches, home, - they are all there. Then there's KL1 and myspace (my province of a select few). Add all tht to the not-so-perfect Mcca City, I should hv a WOW! So wht is it..? A hole in my soul? Coming to a new equilibrium of some sort? Changing smell and feel about life? This is holy sh** man - total homicide. It's true I have lost a lot but I still have a lot more - I have me, I have u AND so much more even to go for (o O O there's Alicia Keys, Nikki of Mesian Idol..nvm) I guess it's true wht they say abt life - for life is a cycle, always in motion. If good times moved on so will times of trouble. Hey..wait a sec!! Lousy is never trouble! Lousy is nothing.'s nothing. Mebbe I just need a higher mountain, thts all. I think i'l just grr..someone today - see how it goes. Salut everyone..muahs!! ( Pelok erat² -in no particular order- Farmie, Pie,Dizz,Bee,Anis,Lilot, Yan, Is,Lyn. I miss y'all.

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