Friday, December 18, 2009

Mystery of Dissappearing Women

To my frens.. ( eh tak pening ker emote ni asik camni jer..)

I just spoke to some one earlier, i rasa mcm i nak cakap sket pasal women. I'm not speaking for everyone tho but I'm writing abt what I feel - ( no over-thinking, no fussing).

Being the hallmark of love and everything beautiful, i think women (generally) has been poorly misplaced in our society, rules by rituals and dominations.

Look around - media exhort them to be feminine and sexy (aha..this I like-not the media but feminine and sexy..LOL! Men..! ) society expect them to be chaste and SUBMISSIVE while men expect them to be available...IF they dont conform or try to assert themselves - its blitzkrieg! with all kind of labels thrown in.

I'm not trying to be the defender of the universe, mebbe I'm just like all the other male species BUT it will be very very sad if the attractive, beautiful and bubbly side of women gets lost in the concept of life we are in..(err did i mentioned raunchy...)

20 yrs from now, you will be so diff. from whoever you are today, probably so well cultured and well blended into this society, embracing the same wisdom and belief..*sighs*.

We are, after all, a function of our thoughts..


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