Friday, December 18, 2009

The wonderment of sex .....

We each own the facts of our lives. Period!!

LOL ;)) Not so..!!

To some, all it takes is just a blase mention and soon these facts could be coming back to you so full with distortions, they could shock ur entire system - gelak guling tendang terajang...

Hehe..of course this isnt abt sex and those undignified positions...WHAT!??

Undignified?? Wht undignified?? Who says undignified..?? Hey, they are just sexual bahaviour k. Nver blur tht distintions..

It has something to do with some disruption over some oxygen supplies to some part of the bodies somewhere...I dont know.

Ishh.. kan tadi i tgh cakap pasal facts of lives, lain kali je lah i sambong..

( o O O macam mana boleh termasuk citer pasal sex plak nih..)


Words to be read in context not isolations. Person who wrote and person who read hv diff. mindset.

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