Thursday, January 5, 2017

Friday, December 18, 2009

Getting things right...

Dang!! its so diff. to get things right, just the other day..
i thot i was wrong but i was wrong..(sighs..)

They are always wrong..

Dang!! i hate political correctness. Somebody once said ' there is nothing either gud or bad but thinking makes it so'. Hmm..thinking..!? BUT thinkin is normally based on our 'script', our model of thought..and tht model is then used to form an opinion - more often thn not, it is always thot to be right, exact, correct, fair etc etc. And tht opinion becomes the std, the basis, and the measure of wht is right and wht is wrong. Hmm..our thinking, our script, our model of thot, our std, very objective eh.. Tht explains why we always think we are right and they are always wrong. And by the same measure, why they are even more wrong to even think tht we are wrong... Mouthful?