Friday, December 18, 2009

Getting things right...

Dang!! its so diff. to get things right, just the other day..
i thot i was wrong but i was wrong..(sighs..)

They are always wrong..

Dang!! i hate political correctness. Somebody once said ' there is nothing either gud or bad but thinking makes it so'. Hmm..thinking..!? BUT thinkin is normally based on our 'script', our model of thought..and tht model is then used to form an opinion - more often thn not, it is always thot to be right, exact, correct, fair etc etc. And tht opinion becomes the std, the basis, and the measure of wht is right and wht is wrong. Hmm..our thinking, our script, our model of thot, our std, very objective eh.. Tht explains why we always think we are right and they are always wrong. And by the same measure, why they are even more wrong to even think tht we are wrong... Mouthful?

Live for the moment...

you just never know how long u'v got, out of the blue, orange, yellow ....
whtever the color was - WHAM! BANG! --> Tsunami.
Almost 100,000 ppl lost their lives.

Its not a matter of life and death..

Life is a matter of decisions, a choice between living the life u feel gud abt and the other..(whtever tht might be), a choice between daring adventure and nothing at all, a choice between wanting to be who u r and to be who they want u to be..a choice between a fine tuned ferrari and....hahahaha.


Multitasking is not for men. Men can only do things one at a time. PERIOD. But what is the biology behind the ability to multitask? Scientist theorise that the ability to multitask is ADAPTIVE BEHAVIOR linked to evolution and prehistoric hunter-gatherer society. Back then, men woke up thinking : Gotta hunt for food. And off they went with the spear. Women on the other hand, woke up thinking : Another great day in paradise. I get to gather woods for fire, watch the kids, cook the food, wash the clothes, sew the bear-skin rug blah blah blah.... Barbara and Allan Pease who co-wrote 'Why men dont listen and women cant read maps' argues that ' a male brain is configured to concentrate on ONE specific dedicated task at once'. A woman's brain, they write, " is configured for multitasking performance. She can do several unrelated things at the same time and her brain never disengaged - it always active. "She can talk on the phone while cooking a new recipe and watch television, Or she can drive a car, put on her make-up and listen to the radio while talking on a hands free telephone..(and probably appreciates the design/color/details of the shoe the women across the street is wearing as well). Hey, its not a pathetic inferiority ok, we are just built for err..umphh..other things (emote gigit jari) o O O always wonder how the hell she knows i was looking at those sexy girls WHILE talking to her on the phone..

Show me your water-hole...

I take no day for granted. None of us know what is going to happen to us later today or tomorrow. We live in perpetual state of suspense, we live in denial of that but its true. So I live my life the only way I know how - simple, messy at times but never too complicated. Cant do it any other way cos i cant see myself if i do that. I care abt ppl but more than that i care about how i feel about things. If ppl dont like it - too bad for me. But thats OK, that's what life is all about. Not everyone of us share the same space. Good or bad, I'm still the same person, like I have been since forever. To me, life is like a game, if i want to win i gotta play. Even if I dont win in the end, thats ok too - there's always victory in losing cos the real challenge is the game, not the scoreline. Its the journey not the destination. Happiness is a choice, we can choose to be happy and this is what I'm doing. If the ball takes funny bounces, let it be.

Abstraction of Life???

clueless: At times, i do feel lousy. Yup..miserable, rotten, awful - tht kind of lousy. I felt like I have reached the point where I just dont care anymore. Owh no! its not due to frustration or something, but nothing fazes me anymore. (..err not exactly 'nothin' actually - my brain cells still popping every now and then whenever I err..ummph..). The point is, there are just so many good things around me - frens, places to hang out ( yea! I have a few now in Mcca), weekend MU matches, home, - they are all there. Then there's KL1 and myspace (my province of a select few). Add all tht to the not-so-perfect Mcca City, I should hv a WOW! So wht is it..? A hole in my soul? Coming to a new equilibrium of some sort? Changing smell and feel about life? This is holy sh** man - total homicide. It's true I have lost a lot but I still have a lot more - I have me, I have u AND so much more even to go for (o O O there's Alicia Keys, Nikki of Mesian Idol..nvm) I guess it's true wht they say abt life - for life is a cycle, always in motion. If good times moved on so will times of trouble. Hey..wait a sec!! Lousy is never trouble! Lousy is nothing.'s nothing. Mebbe I just need a higher mountain, thts all. I think i'l just grr..someone today - see how it goes. Salut everyone..muahs!! ( Pelok erat² -in no particular order- Farmie, Pie,Dizz,Bee,Anis,Lilot, Yan, Is,Lyn. I miss y'all.

If it aint fixed, dont break it.

Do we really hv to live w/in boundaries and nvr to cross those lines..? I say, hell no!. I mean how else can u reach for new heights and get the unexpected if everythg is so predictable, obvious and mainstream.. ( just me and my stubborn mindset abt living w/in boundaries and how i hate getting stuck in it.) What..? Where do I live.?? Err..still in the same tunnel as u r *sigh* ( I hate the tunnel, you..I love. Grrr) Salut n luv..

The wonderment of sex .....

We each own the facts of our lives. Period!!

LOL ;)) Not so..!!

To some, all it takes is just a blase mention and soon these facts could be coming back to you so full with distortions, they could shock ur entire system - gelak guling tendang terajang...

Hehe..of course this isnt abt sex and those undignified positions...WHAT!??

Undignified?? Wht undignified?? Who says undignified..?? Hey, they are just sexual bahaviour k. Nver blur tht distintions..

It has something to do with some disruption over some oxygen supplies to some part of the bodies somewhere...I dont know.

Ishh.. kan tadi i tgh cakap pasal facts of lives, lain kali je lah i sambong..

( o O O macam mana boleh termasuk citer pasal sex plak nih..)


Words to be read in context not isolations. Person who wrote and person who read hv diff. mindset.

Mystery of Dissappearing Women

To my frens.. ( eh tak pening ker emote ni asik camni jer..)

I just spoke to some one earlier, i rasa mcm i nak cakap sket pasal women. I'm not speaking for everyone tho but I'm writing abt what I feel - ( no over-thinking, no fussing).

Being the hallmark of love and everything beautiful, i think women (generally) has been poorly misplaced in our society, rules by rituals and dominations.

Look around - media exhort them to be feminine and sexy (aha..this I like-not the media but feminine and sexy..LOL! Men..! ) society expect them to be chaste and SUBMISSIVE while men expect them to be available...IF they dont conform or try to assert themselves - its blitzkrieg! with all kind of labels thrown in.

I'm not trying to be the defender of the universe, mebbe I'm just like all the other male species BUT it will be very very sad if the attractive, beautiful and bubbly side of women gets lost in the concept of life we are in..(err did i mentioned raunchy...)

20 yrs from now, you will be so diff. from whoever you are today, probably so well cultured and well blended into this society, embracing the same wisdom and belief..*sighs*.

We are, after all, a function of our thoughts..


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