Friday, December 18, 2009


Multitasking is not for men. Men can only do things one at a time. PERIOD. But what is the biology behind the ability to multitask? Scientist theorise that the ability to multitask is ADAPTIVE BEHAVIOR linked to evolution and prehistoric hunter-gatherer society. Back then, men woke up thinking : Gotta hunt for food. And off they went with the spear. Women on the other hand, woke up thinking : Another great day in paradise. I get to gather woods for fire, watch the kids, cook the food, wash the clothes, sew the bear-skin rug blah blah blah.... Barbara and Allan Pease who co-wrote 'Why men dont listen and women cant read maps' argues that ' a male brain is configured to concentrate on ONE specific dedicated task at once'. A woman's brain, they write, " is configured for multitasking performance. She can do several unrelated things at the same time and her brain never disengaged - it always active. "She can talk on the phone while cooking a new recipe and watch television, Or she can drive a car, put on her make-up and listen to the radio while talking on a hands free telephone..(and probably appreciates the design/color/details of the shoe the women across the street is wearing as well). Hey, its not a pathetic inferiority ok, we are just built for err..umphh..other things (emote gigit jari) o O O always wonder how the hell she knows i was looking at those sexy girls WHILE talking to her on the phone..

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